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DDD services

Veterinary Institute Subotica, as one of the oldest and largest producers of DDD agents, also offers disinfection, disinsection and deratization services. With a view to meeting the HACCP and ISO standards, the company has harmonised its operations with the modern requirements of the market, offering DDD services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. .

DDD Usluge
DDD Usluge

Disinfection is a series of different procedures aimed at destroying, inhibiting or removing the majority of or all micro-organisms on the surface of a body, an object or in the air. The disinfection removes micro-organisms (mechanically by cleaning, washing, and alike) or kills (physically by heat, radiation; chemically with acids, bases, chlorine and alike). Disinfection reduces the risk of the occurrence and spreading of contagious diseases. The choice of disinfectant or disinfection procedure depends on the degree and the type of impurity, quantity of microbiological contamination, presence of an especially important micro-organism, types of objects or places that are to be disinfected in order to avoid their harmful effect.


Disinsection means control of the harmful insect population. Harmful insects cause health disorders in people and domestic animals and inflict large economic damage. The expertise of the personnel at Veterinary Institute Subotica guarantees they know everything there is to know about insects based on numerous studies and laboratory tests, and the highest quality products.

In providing the service, the on-site teams apply all methods of disinsection (mechanical, physical, biological or chemical) in line with the highest standards and specific needs:

  • Removal of crawling and flying insects - pests in silos (fumigation)
  • Pre-harvest preparation of silos and floor storehouses
  • Suppression of larval and adult forms of mosquitoes
  • Suppression of cockroaches, ants, flies, ticks, hornets, fleas, lice, etc.

Deratization means control and suppression of the harmful rodent population. Given the extraordinary epizootic and epidemiological importance, and the economic impact of the efficient suppression of harmful rodents, Veterinary Institute Subotica continually invests in research in the field of deratization, and has top-level experts who are supplied with a variety of highly efficient rodenticides.